Chocolates from the universe



Chocolates from the universe

from the universe, chocolate. This chocolate company from Oregon truly is out of this world. Psychedelic chocolates called Chocolates from the Universe are also loaded with other chemicals that have been shown to improve mental wellness. This new brand, which is still in its infancy but is already making inroads into the market, contacted Skitch for assistance in creating the branding, identity, and packaging. Universe-wide chocolates

packaging technique.

The packaging, the last point of contact for this kind of product, is essential to giving it life. In order to make buyers “feel” the product to the point where they wouldn’t want to throw it away, we set out to design packaging that did just that.

This required the use of textured paper, backdrop visuals with a celestial theme, and a gold foil effect on the package’s communication features, such as the logo and constellation. Among the packaging components we had to create were:

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